Monday, 6 August 2007

Holiday Season

Author's note:

It seems that quite a number of people are being directed to this post by way of the quotation "Raise high the roofbeam Carpenters" - and that having got here, they must be disappointed to find there is no reference to it. Unless that is, they have also gone to the comment section at the end of the post, in which there is a discussion of the quote, and its origins in the poetry of Sappho.

My own 'roofbeam' reference actually came in another instalment of the story - ie in that one entitled "Moving Figures in a Garden", in which I put it in the mouth of the larger-than-life character,"Cousin Hortense"... This instalment was posted on 12/08/07, and anyone interested enough might go to that post by clicking on the link in the List of Posts archive on the opening page...

So many of my blogger friends seem to be away on holiday at present, that I have deferred posting the next instalment of the story for another few days. I have instead posted a piece on my other page, "Just Blogging", which I hope might be of some interest to anyone who is still around.

I shall be going on holiday myself in ten days' time - but I hope to post at least one more instalment before I go.